Medium Filter

Medium efficiency filters are mainly used in central air conditioning and centralized air supply systems. There are several types of medium efficiency filters, pocket types, and v bank types that are popular.

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Al Subuk Medium filters are the most economical and cheapest filters. Save the Cost using Class G-1 to G-4.

Space Saving

Medium efficiency filters are built in the beverage board frame with 4″ depth to save space.

Eficient to Remove Acrid.

Al Subuk medium Filter Helps Food and Pharma Industry to minimize the Acrid of the environment caused due to their production

Medium Filter

AL SUBUK Medium efficiency filters are usually used as the first or second stage filters to protect high-efficiency heap or secondary filters which extends the service life of Secondary and HEPA filters, sometimes, they can also be final stage filters. Medium efficiency filters are mainly used for filtering dust particles between 1-5um.

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