Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

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? Easy installation.? Screwed chambers for safe operation.? Rugged, cast feed mounting holes keep your pump from vibrating.? available as cover-mounted, pail-mounted, or wall-mounted until.? Immersible in most situations.? Easy to adapt.? A large scale of material options for fluid versatility with extended pump life.


? Air-powered convenience for use in a variety o installations with no electrical hazard ? Extremely portable for multi-location use.? Pumps move a wide variety of coatings solvents viscosity sealants, adhesives inks acids, and more.? Easy to maintain.? The seal-less, leakproof design prevents fluid waste and mess.? Even in wet air, the stainless steel di


? Pumps reduce or eliminate manual filling and transport.? Reduces the risk of hazardous spills and employee exposure.? Multiple dispense points throughout your plant can easily be served.? Can run dry without pump damage.? No air lubrication necessary.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

25 SIZE CONNECTION: 8:1/4" , 10:3/8" , 15: 1/2" , 20 :3/4" , 25 : 1" , 40 :1 1/2" , 50:2" , 80 :3"PP BODY MATERIAL : AC:Acetal , PP:Polypropylene , KY: Kynar (PVDF) , SS:SS 316 , AL:Alu

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ModelSeries Flow rangeAir pressureSuction DischargeCasing MaterialMax. Solids Size
VA 8Plastic191/min7 bar1/4"BSPKY/PP/AC1.5mm
VA 10Plastic261/min 7 bar3/8"BSPPP/AC1.6mm
VA 15Plastic571/min7 bar1/2"BSPKY/PP/AC2.5mm
VA 20Metal611/min7 bar3/4"BSPSS 316/ALU2.5mm
VA 25Plastic151/min8.4 bar1"FlangedKY/PP/AC3.2mm
VA 25Metal151/min8.4 bar1"BSPSS 316/ALU3.2mm
VA 40Plastic3791/min8.4 bar1.5"FlangedKY/PP4.8mm
VA 40Metal3791/min8.4 bar1.5"BSPSS 316/ALU4.8mm
VA 50Plastic5681/min8.4 bar2"FlangedKY/PP6.3mm
VA 50Metal5681/min8.4 bar2"BSPSS 316/CI/ALU6.3mm
VA 80Metal10601/min8.4 bar3"FlangedALU9.4mm

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