Primary Intake Filter

The medium efficiency pre-filter is classified G4 as per EN 779 standard. This pre-filter provides high dust holding capability which extends AL Subuk HEPA filters and Secondary Filters life.In general, primary filters are used to separate larger particles (10-50 micron efficiency).

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Al Subuk Per filters are the most economical and cheapest filters. Save the Cost using Class G-1 to G-4.

Increase HEPA Filter Life

Al Subuk Pre Filters are Helpful to increase Hepa Filters and all Secondary Filters Life

Customized Manufacturing

Al Subuk has the Expertise to Fulfill the Customer's needs by designing and Manufacturing Customized Pre Filters.

Primary Intake Filter

Pre-filters of air purifiers and respirators use physical and or chemical processes with fibrous pleated paper, foam, cotton, ionizers, activated charcoal, absorbents, chemicals, catalysts, etc. and clean the air to the designed level before it enters other filters for further purifications. Air-purifying equipment with pre-filters is used in buildings, transports, public areas, and industries. There are wide varieties of technologies and user-defined requirements for air pre-filters and therefore, there are no standardized regulations about the performance and effectiveness. Many commercial options for air pre-filters are available for the use of air filtration units at homes, workplaces, hospitals, hotels, transports, etc., and in the respirators used by individuals.

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