AR Series Pleated Filter Cartrige

Material Melt -blown micro-denier Polyester fiber .Micron Ratings :0.2, 0.45, 1,6,10,20,50 Micron Length : 9.87" ,10" ,20" ,30" ,40" Inner Diameter/Outer diameter:28mm / 69mm . 28mm/83mm

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Double-Layers structure absolute efficency filter (Absolute rating 99.9%) .low pressure drop, high capacity of dust and long serices life .


100% PP for compatiblity with a wide range of process fluids. manufactyre in clean room, high clean cartridge

Caps and connectors

End Caps and connectors sealed by thermal bond, free of binder cartificated by USP XXIII and FDA CFR title 21 Pre-Flush with 18 Megohm-cm DI water, TOC content is lower than 40PPB

AR Series Pleated Filter Cartrige

Operating Condition

Maximum operating forward pressure :95°C : 1.4kg/cm2 

60°C:2.8kg/cm2 20°C : 4.9kg/cm2.Recommended repla-

ceable pressuer drop: 2.5kg/cm2.Maximum operating te-

mperature: 95 °CFiltration Area: 0.55m2(10").Streilization:

121C, 30min 10 time


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