NITROGEN Memberane Package

Nitrogen Gas Generator for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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N2 Membrane Package

The Oxygen gas with the high permeability speed permeates out first through vent port. Nitrogen gas with the low permeability speed comes out later through the end of hollow fiber, when the compressed air passes through the membrane. The principle is to make use of the difference of the permeability speed of gas

NITROGEN Memberane Package

Product DescriptionNitrogen Gas Generator for Modified Atmosphere Packaging As per research Oxygen and Moisture are major culprit in food spoilage, its its components join with oxygen, or "oxidize," , The most effective way to prevent food from oxygen damage is to remove and replace the oxygen with an inert gas


Injection molding, Purge, Laser, Fire extinguisher, Packing, Beer, Heat treatment, Soldering, Reflow, Photo Lab and Electronics

• Air Compressor: Air compressor is the equipment to produce compressed air. Compressed air is used for separating nitrogen from the air. In the process of compression, moisture and heat happen. To remove them, a built-in or independent air dryer and after-cooler are necessary.

• Air Receiver Tank: Air receiver tank is the equipment to keep supplying the compressed air of certain pressure to the nitrogen generator stably. It is also for the purpose of handling a load of compressor properly.

• Filter: It is used for removing dust, particle, and oil, etc. in compressed air.

• Desiccant Air dryer: This is used for removing moisture by using an adsorbent. It consists of two adsorbers and has the repeated cycles of adsorption and regeneration.

• Membrane Generator: Membrane generator is to makes use of the difference of the permeability speed of gas in order to separate gas. Such oxygen and moisture with high permeability speed, permeate out first through vent port and then nitrogen gas with low permeability speed as the marketable product comes out later through the end of hollow fiber when the compressed air pass through the membrane

• Nitrogen Storage Tank: It is a buffer (storage) tank to supply the oxygen at a certain pressure, flow, purity.

• LCP(Local Control Panel): LCP has control of the whole system into operation automatically or manually. It also indicates purity, pressure, and flow of the produced nitrogen

• Nitrogen supply: The purity of the produced nitrogen is up to 99%. Flow and pressure depend on customer`s needs


MODELN2 Flow (Nm3 /h)Size(W*D*H)WEIGHT(kg)
NM- 55400*400*100042
NM- 88400*400*100043
NM- 1212400*400*180047
NM- 1818500*500*180090
NM- 2424500*400*180094
NM- 3030600*400*1800124
NM- 3636600*400*1800128
NM- 5050800*600*1800211
NM- 7373600*600*1800197
NM- 9797600*600*2200190
NM- 194194900*600*2200271
NM- 2912911200*600*2200353
NM- 388388900*900*2200386
NM- 5825821200*900*2200550
NM- 8738731200*1200*2200758
NM- 116411641200*2200*1600931

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