Air Operated 3-A , SB and SF pump series

Pumps series quick knock down diaphragm pumps in process or sanitary (milk/dairy) execution.

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Have the highest flow capacity of any air-operated double diaphragm certified by 3-A, offers flow rates up to 565 lpm and meets the stringent sanitation requirements of the milk/dary industry solids handling up to 25mm.


For materials and fluid steams containing large solids or chuncks, which clog a ball-designed pump or are damaged by the pumping action. The SF pumps easily pump larger solid and will pass up to 63.5 mm solids without crushing or damaging the product.


For applications that benefit from the convenience of quick knock down design, but may not require leak detection. The SB ball design passes solids up to 25 mm. The ease of disassembly of the fluid ends, large porting and high flow capacity makes the SB the perfect pump for your high volume application needs.

Air Operated 3-A , SB and SF pump series

APPLICATIONS.? Milk and dairy.? Evacuation of food process mixing kettles.? Transferring of ingredients from original container to mixing tanks.? high volume evacuation of liquid concentrates from shipping tankers to holding vessels.? Repackaging of fluids from original container to smaller receptacles.? Pumping hand and massage lotions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits and features: 

Temperature ratings wetted materials


Technical details for 3-A. SB and sf series

Max. fluid working pressure--8,
Max. suction lift------
--DryFlap1,75 m
----Ball2,75 m
--Wet Flap3,5 m
----Ball5,5 m
Air pressure operating rate---1,4-8,4 bar
Air inlet size----1/2" NPT(f)
Fluid inlet & outletsize----Tri-clamp connection

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