AL SUBUK Mufflers Reduces Noise to Acceptable Levels — Specifically designed to reduce the noise of exhaust. Compact and Lightweight — Adds minimal space and weight to installation. Durable Construction — Will provide years of service. Corrosion Proof — Nylon and felt construction will not corrode in most services.

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Al-subuk XY Series pneumatic silencers are appropriate for high or low-temperature applications. While selecting the silencer material type, one has to ensure that the material can operate suitably across the operating temperature range of applications.


A pneumatic cylinder must be selected according to the correct operating pressure in ensuring optimal noise reduction and reducing premature failure. The surface area of a silencer typically impacts the overall size, mechanical strength, and noise reduction for a silencer. Hence.

Connection type

Pneumatic silencers are typically connected to ports using a threaded male end, which could be on a pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve or pneumatic fittings. A pneumatic silencer allows it to be moved from one hose or device to another, and likewise.


Pneumatic mufflers also called silencers, safely and quietly vent pressurized air to atmosphere. They are commonly installed on air valves, cylinders, manifolds and fittings.Pneumatic mufflers or exhaust mufflers are an ideal way to quietly evacuate compressed air from air valves, pneumatic motors, and pneumatic impact tools. They suppress the noise of air exhaust from pneumatic valves and help preserve hearing health.

What is a pneumatic silencer?

A pneumatic silencer, also known as pneumatic mufflers, functions as an outlet to vent pressurized air to the atmosphere. A silencer is commonly fitted on pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic fittings, or 5 or 2-way solenoid valves. The air leaving the device emirates contaminants during operation, but it may produce noise that may be harmful to the surrounding. Hence, it’s advisable to use a silencer exhaust cleaner to inhibit damaging contaminants from entering the environment.

Pneumatic air silencers are very cost-effective and a much simple tool to decrease the noise level and unwanted release of contaminants from pneumatic. Silencer also comes with an adjustable flow rate control that can be used to control the speed of a driving device.

How do pneumatic silencers work?

The primary function of pneumatic silencer is to outlet pressurized air at a safe noise level and to prevent contaminants from exiting the silencer (if it is combined with a filter). Silencers are fitted directly at the exhaust port of a valve and diffuse the unconfined air through a bigger surface area which decreases turbulence and thus drops noise levels. Silencers can also be installed on hoses. There are two most common types of cylinder, which as brass silencers and plastic silencer.

Brass Silencer

Brass silencer is a lower cost choice for a durable metal housing. Typically, brass silencer is appropriate for non-corrosive and neutral environments.

Plastic Silencer

Plastic silencer offers higher chemical resistance with higher noise reduction, compared to brass silencers. It’s low cost, light weighted and it’s suitable for corrosive environments.

What is the type of silencers that Al Subuk provides.?
We offer a variety of silencers catering to various industry needs. They are B Type Muffler, V Type Muffler, XB Type Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, SC Type Muffler, SEB Type, SET Type Muffler Coppler Plating Feet, SCQ Type Muffler, D Type Muffler, C Type Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, SDV Type Muffler, XA Type Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, SD Type Muffler, Plastic Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, Aluminum Muffler, PSU Type Plastic Muffler, PSE Type Plastic Muffler, SU Type Plastic Muffler, SSM Type Muffler, SSDV Type Stainless Steel Muffler, SB Type Muffler and heaps more.


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